Vice-Judge Advocate General Salary


The role of a Vice-Judge Advocate General is of paramount importance within the legal system, contributing to the effective administration of justice and maintaining the integrity of military law.

The Vice-Judge Advocate General, often referred to as the Vice-JAG holds a vital position within the military legal hierarchy.

Serving as the second-in-command to the Judge Advocate General (JAG), the Vice-JAG shoulders significant responsibilities in overseeing legal matters, advising military commanders, and ensuring adherence to military laws and regulations.

Their expertise plays a pivotal role in maintaining discipline, upholding military justice, and safeguarding the rights of military personnel.

The salary of a Vice-Judge Advocate General is influenced by various factors, including geographical location, level of experience, rank, and the specific branch of the military they are associated with.

As with any career, experience, and seniority significantly impact the remuneration package.

Those who have demonstrated exceptional competence and contributed significantly to the military’s legal system are often rewarded with higher compensation.

Vice-Judge Advocate General Salary

While specific figures can vary, an estimated salary range for a Vice-Judge Advocate General in the United States Armed Forces can be between $100,000 to $180,000 per year.

This range takes into account the factors mentioned earlier, such as experience, rank, and branch affiliation.

However, it’s important to note that these estimated figures can fluctuate based on evolving military policies, cost of living adjustments, and other external influences.

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