Serenity Hawley and Croney Monk Murder-Suicide: What happened?


Two Blacksburg High School students, Serenity Hawley and Croney Monk, were found dead in a parking garage on Tuesday afternoon.

Serenity Hawley and Croney Monk Murder-Suicide: High School students identified as suspect and victim in Blacksburg murder-suicide, Serenity Hawley and Croney Monk Obituary

Police responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle in the 700 block of University City Boulevard. Serenity Hawley, 17, was identified by her father, John Hawley, 49, of Oldsmar, Florida.

She would have turned eighteen on Thursday, while she was a senior at Blacksburg High School. Hawley claimed that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, a high school junior and former varsity football player, had entered the car, shot her, and then taken his own life.

Police discovered a firearm in the car containing the minors. The Montgomery County Public Schools and the Blacksburg department are collaborating to ensure that any services MCPS staff or students may need are available. The victims’ next of kin have been informed by investigators.

The event seems to be isolated and poses no ongoing threat to the community. The department has not classified the occurrence as a murder-suicide, despite the ongoing investigation.