Riley Herbert Willis III Arrested and Charged for Attempted Murder in North Alabama


A Decatur man has been apprehended and is now facing first-degree charges of domestic violence, assault, and arson.

The accused, identified as Riley Herbert Willis III, aged 40, allegedly set both his wife and his apartment ablaze, sending shockwaves through the community.

The incident has left the local authorities and residents stunned, raising concerns about the safety of the neighborhood.

Decatur police have reported that Riley Herbert Willis III is currently in custody, being held at the Morgan County Jail without the possibility of bond.

The authorities have taken swift action in response to this disturbing event, ensuring that the alleged perpetrator remains detained.

The harrowing incident unfolded at the Summer Courtyard Apartments, located at 2216 Acadia Drive S.W., at approximately 3:30 a.m.

The initial call to the police came in regarding a burn victim, prompting a rapid response from Decatur Fire and Rescue as well as Decatur-Morgan EMS.

Upon arrival, responders encountered a woman who had sustained serious physical injuries, including burns.

The investigation conducted by authorities has revealed a disturbing sequence of events.

How did the incident happen?

According to the police, it was determined that Riley Herbert Willis III intentionally set his wife on fire before proceeding to ignite the apartment using an accelerant.

The motive behind this heinous act is yet to be fully understood. Subsequently, the accused fled the scene through a rear window to evade potential witnesses and capture.

Law enforcement officers embarked on an intense search for the suspect, leading them to discover Riley Herbert Willis III concealed within another unit within the apartment complex.

His arrest marked a significant development in the ongoing investigation, which aims to unravel the motivations and circumstances surrounding this disturbing incident.

The female victim, who suffered severe burns as a result of the fire, was swiftly transported to UAB Hospital for medical treatment.

Currently, she remains in critical condition under the care of medical professionals.

The extent of her injuries and the long-term implications of this horrific event continue to be a matter of concern.

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