Richard “Dick” Bond Cause of Death, Wife and Children


Richard “Dick” Bond, a former UNC president and Colorado legislator, has passed away at the age of 95.

He served as president of three colleges across Colorado: the University of Northern Colorado, Front Range Community College, and Morgan Community College.

During his tenure, Bond worked to create an innovative, student-oriented, and accessible institution, ensuring that UNC was a teaching university with students as the primary focus.

He co-founded The Greeley Dream Team, which encourages high school students to stay in school and plan for college.

Bond’s vision to challenge the dropout problem and provide a pathway and funding for students to go to college inspired many community members, including Elizabeth Barber, executive director of The Greeley Dream Team. Over the years, Bond and his family’s foundation continued to provide student scholarships.

Bond was also a founding member of the Weld Food Bank and served as the first president and CEO of the Weld Community Foundation. He established a student-oriented culture at UNC, creating departments such as Mexican-American, African-American, and Women’s Studies.

After retiring from UNC, Bond served three terms in the Colorado Legislature, authored the Post-Secondary Options Act, and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Salem College and the University of West Virginia.

Bond is survived by his wife, Reva; three sons, Dave Bond, Phil Bond, and Mike Bond; and his daughter, Josette Bond. He is also survived by five grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, three step-grandchildren, six step-great-grandchildren, and his sister, Nellie Jo Brissey.