Randy Hoback’s Children: Does Randy Hoback Have Children?


Randy C. Hoback MP, born on December 19, 1967, is a Canadian politician. He represents the Prince Albert area and is part of the Conservative Party. He first won in the 2008 Canadian federal election and got re-elected in 2011, 2015, and 2019.

Hoback studied business administration at the University of Saskatchewan and got a Chartered Director’s designation from McMaster University and the Conference Board of Canada.

Before entering politics, Hoback worked in the farming machinery field. He worked for Flexicoil and Case New Holland until 2000 when he bought his family farm.

Hoback also represented the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association at international meetings in places like Geneva and Hong Kong. He served on different committees during his time as a Member of Parliament (MP), focusing on trade, agriculture, finance, and international relations.

Randy Hoback’s Children: Does Randy Hoback Have Children?

He is married to Jerri Hoback and they have two children. Their names are not yet publicly available.

Hoback tried to make a new law about giving people a tax break for putting security systems in their homes. But other politicians didn’t agree, so the law didn’t pass.

In 2010, he became the head of the Canadian Section of ParlAmericas, a group that promotes cooperation among American countries’ parliaments. He was later elected as its president.

During his time in the Canadian Parliament, he proposed a bill to offer tax credits for home security systems, but it didn’t pass. In the 2020 Conservative Party leadership election, he supported Peter MacKay.

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