Randy Boissonnault’s Children: Who are Randy Boissonnault’s Children?


Randy Paul Andrew Boissonnault is a Canadian politician. He’s a member of the Liberal Party and represents Edmonton Centre in the House of Commons. Born on July 14, 1970, in Morinville, Alberta, he’s openly gay and was the first to be elected from Alberta.

Boissonnault’s political journey began in 2015 when he became an MP, representing Edmonton Centre. He served as a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage. Later, he became a special advisor on LGBTQ2 issues to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, working to protect LGBT rights in Canada and address discrimination.

Although he lost his seat in the 2019 election, he made a successful comeback in 2021, winning against James Cumming. He was appointed as Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance after the 2021 federal election.

On July 26, 2023, Boissonnault started his role as the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development, and Official Languages. He’s known for his dedication to promoting equality and representing his constituents effectively.

Before entering politics, Boissonnault studied at the University of Alberta and the University of Oxford. He worked as a lecturer and a journalist. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping Canada’s political landscape, especially in areas related to LGBTQ2 rights and cultural heritage.

Randy Boissonnault’s Children: Who are Randy Boissonnault’s Children?

He has two children with his partner, Greg, He has not provided any other details about his children.

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