Move To Canada In 2024 With International Mobility Program (IMP) Without LMIA.


If you’re planning to relocate to Canada in 2024 but find the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirements daunting, consider bypassing LMIA through the International Mobility Program (IMP). This comprehensive framework offers various LMIA-exempt categories, facilitating a seamless transition to entering, working, and living in Canada without LMIA. From high-skilled professionals to cultural performers and multinational transfers to innovative youth programs, the IMP provides diverse opportunities in the Canadian workforce.

Understanding LMIA and Its Impact on Job Seekers, Canadian Employers, and Labor

LMIA, or Labour Market Impact Assessment, is a crucial process for international job seekers looking to work in Canada. It verifies the necessity of a foreign worker, aiming to safeguard Canadian jobs. While LMIA is generally not required for programs like Express Entry, it plays a vital role in other immigration programs, particularly the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Understanding and navigating the LMIA process is essential for applicants seeking employment in Canada.

International Mobility Program (IMP) 2024 Overview

The International Mobility Program (IMP) is an extensive framework allowing Canadian employers to hire temporary foreign workers without the need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). IMP comprises various categories, each with unique provisions, catering to a diverse range of contributors to the Canadian labor market.

Who Qualifies for IMP?

Eligibility for the International Mobility Program (IMP) extends to various groups, including high-skilled professionals, cultural performers, international students engaged in work-integrated learning programs, participants in specific programs like IEC Canada’s Working Holiday, spouses or common-law partners of Canadian citizens, and intra-company transferees.

Benefits for Employers

1.Faster Hiring Process: Bypassing the LMIA streamlines recruitment.

2.Wider Talent Pool: Access to qualified foreign workers fills gaps in the local workforce.

3.Flexibility: Certain IMP categories offer open work permits, allowing worker mobility.

LMIA Exempted Routes to Move to Canada in 2024

Explore various LMIA-exempt pathway programs under IMP for moving to Canada in 2024:

1.Leveraging International Free Trade Agreements

2.Canadian Social and Cultural Interests

3.Intra-Company Transfers

4.Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) 5.Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) 6.Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) 7.International Experience Canada (IEC) 8.Global Talent Stream (GTS)

9. Francophone Mobility Program

10. Emergency Repair and Creative Industries 11. Self-Employed Business Owners 12.Reciprocal Employment

13.Research and Educational Co-ops 14.Charitable or Religious Work

These programs offer diverse options for working and settling in Canada without undergoing the LMIA process. Make your move to Canada in 2024 a reality with IMP’s LMIA-exempt pathways.

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