Michelle O’Bonsawin Husband: Who is Michelle O’Bonsawin’s Husband?


Michelle O’Bonsawin, born in 1974, is a Canadian judge who became a member of the Supreme Court of Canada on September 1, 2022. Before this, from 2017 to 2022, she served as a judge on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Notably, she is the first Indigenous Canadian to hold a position on the Supreme Court.

O’Bonsawin was born in Hanmer, Ontario, in 1974. Her parents were a machinist and a teacher. She belongs to the Franco-Ontarian and Abenaki communities.

Starting her legal journey, O’Bonsawin worked with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police legal services. She then spent nine years as in-house counsel for Canada Post before moving to the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group in 2009. There, she became general counsel, specializing in mental health, employment, human rights, and privacy cases. She even taught law at the University of Ottawa.

In 2017, she became the first Indigenous Canadian to join the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa. During her time there, she pursued a law doctorate at the University of Ottawa, successfully defending her thesis in February 2022.

O’Bonsawin’s significant journey led her to the Supreme Court nomination. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nominated her on August 19, 2022, to replace a retiring justice. She officially became a part of the Supreme Court on September 1, 2022, making history as the first Indigenous member of the court.

O’Bonsawin’s career is marked by her dedication to law and justice, with her accomplishments standing as an inspiration for many.

 Michelle O’Bonsawin Husband: Who is Michelle O’Bonsawin’s Husband?

Michelle O’Bonsawin is married. However, her husband’s only available name is Pierre. She is the first Indigenous person to sit on Canada’s highest court.

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