Maggie Castle Children: Meet Stephanie and Wyatt


Maggie Castle, born on August 7, 1983, is a talented Canadian actress best known for her role as Jenny Kolinsky in the cult horror comedy series, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. She has also lent her voice to characters in various animated series, such as Molly MacDonald in Arthur.

Maggie Castle was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She studied radio and television production at Ryerson University. Interestingly, her older sister, Aimée Castle, is also an actress, and they both appeared in Big Wolf on Campus.

Castle’s journey into the world of acting began at a young age. She made her film debut with a small role in Vincent and Me (1990). Over the years, she appeared in various films like The Jackal (1997), The House (2006), and Weirdsville (2007), where she showcased her talent in comedy and drama.

One of her notable roles was in the Goosebumps television series in 1996. In the episode “Night of the Living Dummy II,” Castle played Amy Kramer, a young girl who receives a ventriloquist’s dummy that turns out to have a sinister life of its own.

Her breakthrough came in 2010 when she portrayed the tough high schooler Jenny Kolinsky in Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. The show gained a cult following, and Castle’s performance was widely praised.

In 2017, an animated feature film based on Todd and the Book of Pure Evil was released, providing an ending to the show’s unfinished storyline.

Maggie Castle Children: Meet Stephanie and Wyatt

Maggie Castle and David James Elliott have two children: Stephanie and Wyatt. Apart from her work on screen, Castle also lent her voice to Molly MacDonald in the animated series Arthur, a role she played for over two decades.

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