Jeanne Beker Children: Meet Rebecca Leigh O’Neil and Sarah Jo O’Neil


Jeanne Beker, a prominent Canadian television personality, fashion editor, and author, has enjoyed a diverse and successful career in the entertainment industry.

Her journey began at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, where she completed her high school education.

Initially, Beker explored acting and secured a role in the CBC Television sitcom “Toby” in 1968.

However, she later shifted her focus to the theater program at York University before embarking on a transformative journey to Paris to study mime under the tutelage of Étienne Decroux.

Upon returning to Canada, Jeanne Beker’s career took an exciting turn as she worked as an arts and entertainment reporter for CBC Radio in St. John’s.

Simultaneously, she continued to pursue her passion for theater.

This demonstrated her versatility and commitment to exploring various aspects of the entertainment world.

In February 2010, Beker joined the hosting team of “eTalk” alongside Tanya Kim, Ben Mulroney, Leah Miller, and Lainey to provide coverage for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, a testament to her versatility and expertise in the media industry.

Her involvement in the event further solidified her standing as a respected figure in Canadian television.

Moreover, Jeanne Beker’s influence extended to the realm of reality television.

For three cycles, she took on the role of a judge on “Canada’s Next Top Model,” showcasing her expertise in the world of fashion and modeling.

Jeanne Beker Children: Meet Rebecca Leigh O’Neil and Sarah Jo O’Neil

Jeanne Beker has been graced with two beautiful daughters, Rebecca Leigh O’Neil and Sarah Jo O’Neil.

These two young women are a significant part of Beker’s life, and they hold a special place in her heart.

The daughters were born during Jeanne Beker’s marriage to her former husband, Bob Magee.

While their marriage may have ended, the love and bond they share as parents continue to shine through as they co-parent their children.

Both Rebecca Leigh O’Neil and Sarah Jo O’Neil have grown up under the watchful eyes of the public due to their mother’s fame.

Despite the attention, Jeanne Beker has always strived to protect their privacy as much as possible.

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