Javier Milei Wife: Is Javier Milei Married?


Argentina has elected Javier Milei, an ultra-conservative economist, as the next president of the South American country.

Milei won by more than 10 points, with nearly all the votes counted. He defeated Sergio Massa, the economy minister from the ruling Peronist party, in the second round of the presidential election.

Milei, a political newcomer, won a seat in Congress two years ago with his ultra-conservative libertarian party Freedom Advances.

He described himself as an anarcho-capitalist and pledged to battle Argentina’s inflation by replacing the peso with the dollar and abolishing the Central Bank.

He also promised to slash Argentina’s generous state spending and subsidies, a prospect that had generated fear among loyal voters of the current Peronist party.

Milei’s outspoken style and outrageous antics have drawn comparisons to politicians like President Donald Trump and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro.

Is Javier Milei Married?

Javier Milei has never married, he claims to be a tantric sex expert, and considers his five Bullmastiff dogs, cloned from a past pet, his “four-legged children.”