James O’Reilly Siblings: Who are James O’Reilly Siblings?


Embarking on an academic journey, James O’Reilly graduated with distinction from the University of Western Ontario, armed with a BA (Hons) degree.

His insatiable quest for legal knowledge led him to Osgoode Hall Law School, where he acquired his LLB, and subsequently to the University of Ottawa, where he honed his expertise through an LLM program. This voyage marked the inception of a multifaceted legal odyssey for Justice O’Reilly.

Throughout his illustrious career, Justice O’Reilly has woven a tapestry of legal roles, ranging from serving as a Consultant to the Law Reform Commission of Canada to acting as a Legal Advisor within the Department of Justice.

His journey encompassed stints as a solo practitioner, specializing in crafting legal policy and driving law reform, to becoming an Executive Legal Officer at the esteemed Supreme Court of Canada.

Notably, his legal acumen extended even beyond Canadian borders, as he assumed the mantle of Counsel for the Collusion Investigation in London, England.

Justice O’Reilly’s pen has crafted numerous authoritative reports and publications, and his wisdom has echoed within the hallowed halls of institutions like Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, McGill University, Western University, and the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Since 2010, he has taken on the co-chairmanship of the CIAJ’s esteemed Judgment Writing Seminar, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring legal minds.

His accomplishments extend beyond the courtroom, with his distinction as a Fellow of McLaughlin College at York University.

This esteemed individual also earned appointments to the Federal Court in 2002 and the Court Martial Appeal Court in 2003, further solidifying his legacy as a legal luminary.

James O’Reilly Siblings: Who are James O’Reilly Siblings?

James O’Reilly is believed to be having more than one sibling.

He has chosen to keep their identities private from the public domain.

Currently, basic information about James O’Reilly’s siblings is difficult to find online.

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