I can’t promise everybody salary increment — Mahama to teachers


He stated that the current state of the economy is problematic, contrasting his approach with that of the NPP government by emphasizing a commitment to refraining from making unachievable promises. His remarks were prompted by concerns raised by pre-tertiary teachers regarding the impact of lacking essential amenities on teaching and learning. Speaking at a Town Hall meeting in Tamale as part of his ‘Building the Ghana We Want Together Tour,’ Mahama clarified that, given the economic challenges, he will not make commitments he cannot fulfill. He highlighted unfulfilled pledges from the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia-led administration, such as promises to construct factories and dams in every district. Considering the circumstances, he proposed that his administration, if elected, would provide accommodation support to pre-tertiary teachers, aiming to incentivize them to remain on campus, thus reducing unnecessary expenses and creating a conducive environment for optimal performance. Mahama affirmed, “I acknowledge the economic difficulties and cannot promise across-the-board salary increases like some dishonest individuals who pledged to build factories and dams everywhere. I am not that type of person.” He further addressed the challenges faced by pre-tertiary teachers, suggesting solutions such as providing accommodation support in schools to encourage more teachers to remain on campus.

SOURCE: pulse.com

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