Gary Anandasangaree Wife: Meet Harini Sivalingam


Gary Anandasangaree is a notable Canadian figure who has woven a dynamic path in the realms of law, politics, and community advocacy.

Born with a commitment to justice and equality, he has risen to prominence as a Member of Parliament, representing the riding of Scarborough, Rouge Park.

A legal scholar by training, Gary’s journey into politics was guided by a deep-rooted desire to effect meaningful change.

With a law degree from the University of Ottawa and a Master’s in international law from the London School of Economics, his expertise has been a driving force behind his impactful contributions to Canada’s legal landscape.

Beyond his parliamentary role, Gary’s commitment to social justice is evident in his active engagement with various community initiatives.

Gary Anandasangaree, Source: Google Search
Gary Anandasangaree, Source: Google Search

His advocacy for human rights, diversity, and multiculturalism has been recognized and celebrated both within his riding and across Canada.

Gary’s impact is felt not only through his legislative work but also through his role as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This position reflects his dedication to fostering global partnerships and ensuring Canada’s voice is heard on the international stage. 

Gary Anandasangaree Wife: Meet Harini Sivalingam

Gary Anandasangaree takes pride in being a devoted husband to his wife, Harini Sivalingam.

Harini, an accomplished lawyer herself, carries on a professional journey that complements Gary’s pursuits.

Notably, she is the daughter of N. Sivalingam, a former President of the Tamil Eelam Society in Canada, showcasing her familial connections within the community.

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