Gary Anandasangaree Children: Meet Bairvai and Sahanah


Gary Anandasangaree stands as a renowned Canadian politician and advocate, known for his unwavering commitment to justice, human rights, and community empowerment.

His journey into the world of politics has been defined by his tireless efforts to effect positive change.

Earning his place as the Member of Parliament for Scarborough, Rouge Park, Gary’s dedication to his constituents shines through in his advocacy for diverse and inclusive representation.

His background as a lawyer and human rights expert equips him with a deep understanding of the legal and social dimensions that shape policy decisions.

Beyond his parliamentary role, Gary’s active participation in numerous community initiatives highlights his genuine connection to the people he serves.

His passion for promoting social justice and addressing inequality resonates through his efforts to uplift marginalized voices and advance initiatives that create a fairer society.

A notable highlight of Gary’s journey is his dedication to advocating for the rights of refugees and immigrants.

His leadership in this domain has earned him widespread recognition, reflecting his commitment to building a compassionate and inclusive Canada. 

Gary Anandasangaree Children: Meet Bairvai and Sahanah

Gary Anandasangaree takes pride in his role as a devoted father.

He shares his life journey with his wife Harini Sivalingam, who is also a practicing lawyer.

This loving couple is blessed with two wonderful daughters named Bairvai and Sahanah.

Out of respect for their family’s privacy, details about the daughters remain undisclosed online.

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