Franzecska Gerome and Guilene Gerome, women arrested in child burn case


Two Seekonk women were arrested following a child burn case on October 8th, which left a 4-year-old with significant burns.

The victims’ aunt, Franzecska Gerome, was charged with reckless endangerment of a child, assault and battery on a child with substantial injury, and permitting significant damage to a child. Guilene Gerome, The victims’ mother, was also charged with reckless endangerment of a child and permitting substantial injury to a child.

The 4-year-old suffered 2nd and 3rd-degree burns over a “large portion of her body.” The suspects were arrested without incident and are expected to be arraigned in Taunton District Court on Monday. The 4-year-old was taken into Hasbro in critical condition but has since been stabilized.