France Castel Husband: Who is France Castel Married to?


France Castel, born on August 31, 1944, in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is a talented Canadian singer, actress, and broadcaster.

Her musical journey began with an album called “Toi et moi amoureux,” recorded as a duo with Jean Beaulne from Les Baronets. This led to Quebec hits like “Sous notre toit” and the title track.

For years, she delighted audiences with songs by Christine Charbonneau, including “Du fil des aiguilles et du coton,” “Château de sable,” “Sur le pont,” and more. Later on, she ventured into blues-inspired songwriting in the 1970s.

Throughout the ’70s, Castel released seven solo albums, showcasing her diverse talent. Some of the notable ones were “Du fil, des aiguilles et du coton,” “Moi j’veux pas déranger personne,” and “Noël disco.”

In addition to music, Castel found success as an actress. She appeared in various television series like “Du Tac au Tac,” “Féminin pluriel,” “Omertà,” and “Sous un ciel variable.” Her skills extended to the musical theater, where she played roles in productions such as “Starmania” and “Le Phenonène M.”

In the world of film, Castel made her mark with roles in movies like “An Imaginary Tale,” “Karmina,” and “Heads or Tails.” In 1997, she received two nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the Genie Awards for her outstanding performances in “Karmina” and “The Countess of Baton Rouge.”

In the 2000s, Castel embarked on a broadcasting career, becoming a host on both radio and television. She co-hosted the daytime talk show “Deux filles le matin” with France Beaudoin, later moving to Société Radio-Canada, where she hosted various shows, including “Droit au cœur” and “Pour le plaisir.”

In 2016, she shared her life story with the world by publishing her autobiography, “Ici et maintenant.”

With her exceptional talents and warm presence, France Castel remains a beloved figure in Canadian entertainment, leaving a lasting impact on music, acting, and broadcasting.

France Castel Husband: Who is France Castel Married to?

She has been married three times: first to Jean Beaulne, a singer from Les Baronets, with whom she had a son; second to André Gagnon, a pianist and composer, with whom she had a daughter; and third to Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, a film director, with whom she had another son. She is currently single.

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