France Castel Children: Who are France Castel’s Children?


France Castel, born on August 31, 1944, in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is a talented Canadian singer, actress, and broadcaster. Her journey in the music industry began with a successful album called “Toi et moi amoureux,” where she collaborated with Jean Beaulne of Les Baronets.

This album gave rise to popular Quebec hits like “Sous notre toit” and the title track. Over the years, she recorded and performed songs mainly written by Christine Charbonneau, known hits like “Du fil des aiguilles et du coton,” “Château de sable,” “Sur le pont,” and others. In the 1970s, she started writing her own songs, drawing inspiration from blues music.

During the ’70s, she released seven solo albums, showcasing her versatile talent. Apart from her musical achievements, France Castel delved into acting, starring in television series like “Du Tac au Tac” and “Féminin pluriel,” and later in the musical theater, she played various roles, including Stella Spotlight in “Starmania” and Marlene Dietrich in “Le Phenonène M.”

Her acting career extended to films, where she appeared in several productions, earning nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the 18th Genie Awards for her roles in “Karmina” and “The Countess of Baton Rouge.”

In the 2000s, France Castel transitioned to become a radio and television host. She cohosted the talk show “Deux filles le matin” and later hosted “Droit au cœur” and the variety series “Pour le plaisir.” Her love for blues music led her to host a program on Espace musique.

In 2016, she published her autobiography, “Ici et maintenant,” chronicling her remarkable life journey. 

France Castel Children: Who are France Castel’s Children?

France Castel has three children: Jean-François, Marie-Andrée and Alexandre.

France Castel’s diverse talents have left an indelible mark on Canada’s entertainment industry, making her a beloved figure in the hearts of many.

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