Daisaku Ikeda Cause of Death, Age, Wife, Children


Daisaku Ikeda, the spiritual leader of Soka Gakkai, has passed away at the age of 95. Born in Tokyo in 1928, Ikeda was a prolific writer and traveler, spreading Buddhist thought globally.

He joined the organization in 1947 and became president in 1960. Under his leadership, Soka Gakkai became a global organization with millions of members.

Ikeda published over 100 books on Buddhism and traveled to over 50 countries to give lectures and meet with world leaders.

Despite being a controversial figure, Ikeda is widely respected as a spiritual leader and a champion of peace. He will be missed by millions of people worldwide.

Daisaku Ikeda Cause of Death

The cause of Daisaku Ikeda’s death is not yet revealed by the family members.

Daisaku Ikeda Wife

Daisaku Ikeda was survived by his wife Kaneko.

Daisaku Ikeda Children

He had two sons at the time of his death-Hiromasa and Takahiro.