D.J. Hayden, Former Oakland Raiders Player Dead In Texas Car Crash


Six people died in a Texas crash on Saturday, including former Oakland Raiders player D.J. Hayden. The Houston Police Department reported that a driver in an SUV was traveling eastbound on Pierce and went through the intersection of Fannin in Houston at about 2 a.m.

D.J. Hayden cause of death

The driver was speeding when traveling southbound on Fannin and ran the red light. Both drivers lost control, the SUV flipped, and four people were killed on the scene including D.J. Hayden.

Four others were taken to the hospital, where two more people died. One of the female victims is fighting for her life.

One of the dead victims was an unhoused man. A friend of Hayden, who was sleeping near him, described the moment the vehicles collided as “literally, it sounded like two trains crashing together.”

Authorities have not confirmed the identities of the other victims. South Central and VCD officers are working on a multiple-fatality crash at Fannin and Pierce.

D.J. Hayden was selected in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft out of the University of Houston. He played in 45 games with 25 starts and recorded three interceptions and 26 passes defense. Hayden played the cornerback position with the Oakland Raiders from 2013-2016.