Courtney Casgraux Husband: Is Courtney Casgraux Married?


Oregon Democratic candidate Courtney Casgraux, a 41-year-old self-described ‘international businesswoman’, has pledged to ‘ reclaim her sexuality’ after being exposed as a former dominatrix.

Casgraux, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives for Oregon’s 1st district, was revealed in a video leaked on Reddit for working as a dominatrix in Manhattan during her 20s and 30s.

Casgraux returned to the BDSM industry when she began working at Donatella’s Dungeon, a hidden S&M club in Midtown Manhattan.

She launched her campaign to represent Portland’s western suburbs on June 7. Still, she soon discovered provocative footage of her working as a BDSM dominatrix had been leaked to the public on Reddit. The leak shocked Casgraux and left her in a state of panic.

The political candidate never discovered who exposed her in the Reddit post, and she thinks that whoever is responsible was attempting to ‘ shame’ her. Casgraux believes that the attack on women, not just on herself, made her feel angry. She is now reclaiming her sexuality, starting with a Playboy campaign collaboration.

On her campaign website, Casgraux said that she understands firsthand the struggles that American families face and is committed to reclaiming her sexuality.

She has launched a unique campaign collaboration with Playboy, featuring various products and services, including a ‘Playboy’ campaign. The campaign will also feature a campaign focusing on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Courtney Casgraux Husband: Is Courtney Casgraux Married?

Courtney Casgraux is not known to be married. She has not been linked with any man in the past. Social media does not have any information about her being in a relationship with anyone.