Branden Leslie Wife: Who is Branden Leslie’s wife?


Branden Leslie MP is a Canadian lawmaker who won a seat in the Canadian House of Commons in a special vote on June 19, 2023. He represents Portage—Lisgar and belongs to the Conservative Party of Canada. Before this, he worked as a political aide for the Conservatives and also managed policies and government relations at Grain Growers Canada.

Leslie’s career path includes managing the campaign for former MP Candice Bergen, working as a political staffer for the Conservatives, and holding a role in policy and government relations at Grain Growers Canada.

In January 25, 2023, Leslie declared his intention to run for the Conservative nomination in Portage-Lisgar, aiming to take over from Bergen, who was the party’s interim leader in the past. On April 28, members chose Leslie as the party’s candidate, beating out other notable contenders like Cameron Friesen and Lawrence Toet.

During the selection race, Leslie criticized Friesen’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic in Manitoba, suggesting that his measures slowed down the virus.

In the election, Leslie faced off against far-right leader Maxime Bernier from the People’s Party of Canada. Both were competing for similar voters. Leslie disclosed his pro-life stance and past support for the Freedom Convoy. He also made clear he wouldn’t attend the World Economic Forum and criticized Bernier for attending in the past.

Leslie’s campaign tactics included distributing a flyer showing Bernier wearing a Pride T-shirt, implying support for LGBTQ rights. After winning, Leslie stated he’d vote in line with his constituents’ wishes on these matters.

Branden Leslie Wife: Who is Branden Leslie’s wife?

His wife is Cailey Leslie, who was his fiancée by the time he won the federal election in 2023. They shared a kiss on stage during his victory speech.

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