AS Byatt Husband and Children


AS Byatt, a renowned author and critic, has passed away at the age of 87.

Born Antonia Susan Duffy, she was known for her novels, including the Booker Prize-winning Possession and her examination of artistic creation, The Children’s Book.

Byatt, who authored complex and critically acclaimed works, won numerous literary awards, including the Booker and a Chevalier of France’s Order of Arts and Letters.

She grew up in Sheffield and York, studied English at Cambridge, Bryn Mawr College, and Oxford, and began teaching at University College London in 1962.

Byatt’s reputation grew as she embarked on a series of novels charting the changing nature of the female experience in the 20th century. Her most recent work, The Children’s Book, was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2009.

Byatt expressed her love for writing simply in terms of pleasure, stating that she loves her husband and children only because she is the person who makes these things.

AS Byatt Husband and Children

A. S. Byatt married Ian Charles Rayner Byatt in 1959 and moved to Durham. They had a daughter and a son, Charles, who was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 11.

Byatt’s death influenced her lecturing and career after publishing The Children’s Book, which featured the image of a dead child.

She wished to become a full-time writer but felt that her son’s death influenced her academic career. The marriage was dissolved in 1969, and she had two daughters with her second husband, Peter Duffy.

Byatt’s relationship with her sister Margaret Drabble was sometimes strained due to autobiographical elements in both their writing.

Drabble described the situation as “normal sibling rivalry,” while Byatt said it was “terribly overstated by gossip columnists.”

She was an agnostic and a grandmother and was interested in snooker. Byatt died on 16 November 2023 at the age of 87.