American Institutions ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Offering Full Financial Support for Specific Academic Programs(Courses).


1. University of Notre Dame (PhD Chemistry)

2. Oregon State University (MS Statistics)- GRE, IELTS

3. University of Cincinnati  (PhD Philosophy)

4. New Mexico State University (MSc in Family and Consumer Science) – TOEFL

5. Georgia State University (MS in Biology). No GRE, NO IELTS/TOEFL, NO WES.

6. Georgia state university 

(MBA) business analytics.


7. North Carolina State University (PhD Chemical Engineering)

8. University of Georgia (PhD Engineering Education)

9. North Dakota State University (PhD chemistry) GRE, WES


 PhD (Rhetoric and Composition)

11. University of Kansas (Chemistry PhD) TOEFL + MSc 

12. University of Kentucky (M. SC, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering) GRE

13. Purdue University, Fort Wayne (M.A Professional Communication)

14. Lehigh University (PhD Bioengineering)

15. Georgia State University (MSc. Statistics) GRE, School transcript 

16. Washington State University (MSc Horticultural Science)

17. University of Tennessee, Knoxville

PhD, Mathematics

Full funding

No GRE, TOEFL, publication, app fee 

18. Purdue University, West Lafayette ( PhD. Medical Physics), GRE.

19. South Dakota State University. PhD Nutrition and Exercise Science (Major Human Nutrition). GRE required. WED required. 

20. Purdue University, West Lafayette. PhD Cell and Molecular Biology, IELTS required.

22. American University, Kogod School of Business. MS, Accounting. $20,000 scholarship. GRE, APP FEE WAIVED.

23. Ohio University. PhD Communication Studies. Fully Funded. Only application fee is required.

24. Michigan Tech University

PhD Statistics

25. Wayne State University. Molecular Genetics and Genomics. Fully funded. No GRE & English Test. Request for App Fee waiver after starting the application. WES is required after admission.

26. University of Delaware. MS Human Nutrition 

GRE required, TOEFL waived, app fee waived, but $75 without waiver.

27. Arizona State University. PhD Materials Science and Engineering

GRE( I donโ€™t think they are accepting GRE anymore), no toefl, application fee depends on department but I was given fee waiver

28. University of Delaware, PhD Art History, Fully Funded. *NO APP FEE, NO ENTRY TEST* 

29. Ohio University, MA, Art History, Fully Funded, NO APP FEE, NO ENTRY TEST.

30. Florida State University, MA, Art History, Fully Funded, WES REQUIRED, $30 APP FEE, NO ENTRY TEST.

31. Kent State University, MA, Art History, Fully Funded, NO APP FEE, NO ENTRY TEST.

32. Virginia Tech University, Chemistry PhD fully funded, App fee $75, No Tests(GRE Optional)

33. West Virginia University, Chemistry PhD. No Tests, App fee waived (All achieved with good communication with the GC). 

34. University at Buffalo. PhD Medicinal Chemistry TOEFL waived GRE optional App fee waived. Cold email Profโœ…

35. Baylor University. Fully funded MBA 

GRE required 

36. Montana State University

Fully funded MSc Curriculum and Instruction, PhD Statistics , MSc Mathematics, PhD Materials Science, PhD Chemistry

GRE waived, IELTS/DUOLINGO required 

App Fee: $60

38. University of Arkansas Little Rock

MA Communication

Scholarship $5k 

GA available if applied on time

COA: $27K

No GRE, App fee: $40

39. Purdue University

MA Communication

App fee: $75 or attend webinar to waive app fee if available. No GRE, IELTS waived, Partial funding(GA)

40. Lehigh university PhD Physics 

App fee 75$


41. University at Albany. phD physics. $75, NO GRE/ TOEFL

42. University of Utah. PhD Physics


43. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Fully-funded PhD for all STRM courses.

44. University of Kentucky. Fully funded MA Foreign Languages (French/German). $75 app fee and proof of English.

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Masters in Art Education

University of Cincinnati (google it)


Education and Social Policyโ€ฆ

MA in Curriculum and Instructionโ€ฆ

Masters in Higher Educationโ€ฆ

M.Ed in Higher Educationโ€ฆ

Masters in Education Policyโ€ฆ

Masters in Higher Education and Student affairsโ€ฆ

Masters in Higher Education and Student affairsโ€ฆ

Please check the application details. Check the “related” courses they can accept you, when you apply.

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